Learn to wedge it from 30-90 yards.

This is where I think of myself as a scientist, making changes and noting the results.


Remember the building block to proper impact-[power pitches.] Be willing to dot he work-the results will pay off!  Focus on alignment, grip pressure and keeping your wrists loose.  Taking their pitch shots to follow-through, notice the hinge used.

CLUBS:  PW, SW and LW (lob) 60 degrees.
  • Pace off distance 30, 50, 70 and 90 yards. (I like to go to an open field)

    Pay close attention to the ball flight, how far the ball goes in the air. Remember the conditions of the greens will vary—these conditions dictate the shot. If you practice these shots-There will be no more guessing about a shot.
  • Keep the hands- out of this shot (remember the hands only aim, the precision of putting the club on the ball.)


    Shoulders – Focus on a shoulder takeaway—using the proper turn. No manipulation of the hands.

    Hips – Good shots are bi-products of good technique.

  • Before I get started, I remind myself to stay soft in the neck and shoulder area. (Don’t let tension creep in.)

Creeping shots remember   take the energy to the ball first then the ground-no wasted energy!

Developing good wedge play—creates more choices, in different shots to play (Controlled and specific)

Gain true precision with wedges. (Pw, Sw and Lw) specific training for precision

Controlling height of shots   Hinges trajectory of the shot—will determine how the ball reacts on the green.

1. Horizontal/rolled hinges – want a lower trajectory of the shot—will determine how the ball reacts on the green (Like a bedroom door) (The toe of the club faces—skyward.)

2. Angle Hinge – In between rolled and vertical hinges. Medium trajectory—pay attention to ball flight.  (Club face is at an angle)

3. Vertical Hinge – The club face at follow-through will be pointing skyward. Higher Shots, when you don’t have much green to work with.  (Like a garage door—opening)

[You’ll learn how the left wrist works, when it releases through the ball at impact.  Begin to fine tune your shots and control how the ball reacts on the green.]

D.  1. Drills (for wedges)

One-handed – both left and right.  Remember to allow the pivot to do the work. Don’t flip your hands through impact.

*Focus on a sense of motion and rhythm

*Not worked about Bull fight, don’t get ball bound.

2.                  Open-handed – Work your hands through the shot, slowly without a club, paying attention to the position of both your right and left hands at impact and into follow-through.  (Work on each hinge).  A, B. C.

3.                  Dry Swings – Focus on hinges and rhythm.

50% swings

80% swings

4. Flat-footed-1/2 shots – Focus on sit down—don’t let your hips slide ahead of the shot.

*Remember to stay behind it—maintain your spike angle.

*Really feel your feet push into the ground.

(Range practice)

-Practice real game situations.  Keep it fun and interesting

-Have a pre-shot routine.

-Visualize the shape of the shot especially the height of your shots (Trajectory)

-Work on mechanics while practicing and (Never on the course).

[When working on mechanics—Hinges and such-Key, Remember to keep turning—don’t stop your turn at impact—continue into follow-through.]

**Keys – Don’t scoop the ball off the ground. The sensation is more like driving the ball into the ground.

30yd. Shot   feel like you’re hitting the ball 30 yards into the ground.

50yd. Shot feel like you’re hitting the ball 50 yards into the ground.  Do not try and hit the ball along the target line.

**Let the loft of the club do the work. Hit down—and the club will get the ball in the air (A resultant force)

Also – Work with the illusion at impact the hands seen like they’re too far forward.

Choke down on the club.  –Let your shoulders and hips accelerate through the shot.

If you have active hands with this shot—your wrists will break down at impact—being very erratic.

[Tip When hitting your wedges from short grass or a tight lie, don’t look at the back of the ball,  *Look in front of the ball you’ll avoid those fat shots.

            Shots from 50 yard – Those partial shots—distance isn’t as important as Feel, like a quarter back throwing a screen pass, he’s not real concerned with distance he’s developed a certain feel for the pass.

(Again—hit the bal  50 yards—into the ground—that’s the fel.)

[Feel your distance through your feet, push into the earth.]

Important Thoughts to keep in mind.

Whether you’re looking to win at tournaments or trying to break 90 for the first time, you’ve got to put in the necessary work on the range. Remember the three major aspects of the game #1 Driving/tee shots, #2 [Most definitely the x-factor in developing a great game.]  wedge play, #3 putting.

*Remember let the inside determine the outside

*Good mechanics produce good feels.

*Work on these find points of the game in practice, so you can go out on the course and let it happen!

Enjoy this great game!!  Golf is not a game invented to be played by perfect people.

*Last thought

Remember, the fairway is 30 yard wide. Not there. Even when we miss, we’ve got wedges in our bag to get up and down!

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