How Does An Out-Of-Shape 55 Year-Old Golfer, Crippled By Arthritis & 71 Lbs. Overweight, Still Consistently Humiliate PGA Pros In Head-To-Head Matches By Hitting Every Tee Shot Further And Straighter Down The Fairway?

The answer will shock and delight you!

It's an amazingly simple "2-step" Maximum Distance revelation that, we swear, will take you just 3 swings to master yourself... instantly pumping massive payloads of accurate power into your swing no matter how uncoordinated or out-of-shape you are... and guaranteeing your very next tee shot will be a breathtaking dead solid straight drive of 250-plus yards!

From: Doc O'Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP

Dear Fellow Golf Nut:

Do you think golf is an easy game? Darrell Klassen does... and he's been proving it for most of his life, using a single 2-step secret that allowed him to zoom into the top ranks of the "underground" professional golfing world... and stay on top even as his body deteriorated into a complete mess.

What's more, he's now ready to teach you everything he knows.

It's a fascinating story worth finding out about, if you love golf.

Darrell, you see, is now pushing 60, easily seventy pounds overweight, so nearsighted his glasses look like Coke bottle bottoms... and he has advanced osteo-arthritis so serious the doctors want to replace his knees with slabs of plastic right NOW. (Darrell wants to wait another five years, though the pain is getting Gothic.)

You hurt just watching him hobble up to the tee, and wonder...

"How The Heck Is This Poor
Old Pathetic Guy Gonna
Swing A Golf Club?"

Certainly the PGA pros Darrell has regularly played for high-stakes money used to ask that question. But not anymore. Because Darrell simply gazes down the fairway, settles in for his swing... and then blasts another gorgeous 250-yard drive that sails straight down the middle.

And he does it again on the next tee... and the next... and the next. All the way back to the clubhouse, where he finally gets to sit his fat bulk down and rest his ravaged knees... and collect all the money.

ALL the money.

In over thirty years of playing high-stakes "private betting" professional golf (where, as Lee Trevino said, the real golfers finally show themselves), Darrell has never lost. And he's consistently played against (and crushed) the best golfers on the planet -- including a major PGA star who won 5 Tour events not too long ago (and who, the lawyers insist, must remain nameless).

Darrell is the hero of all older, less-than-athletic golfers everywhere.

Most civilians don't know about this "underground" professional golf tour. It's the best-kept secret among high-profile golfers whose reputations would be tarnished if the public found out.

But you know those big-deal "Skins" games on television, with Nicklaus, Palmer, Trevino and the others? Well, that's not the only time the pros play for "private big bucks". They love the REAL golf that gets played when you have your own money on the line.

No television cameras, no adoring crowds of fans, and no big corporate-sponsored trophies. Just you, and the guys you're playing against.

And, if you lose, you pay out of your own pocket. It REALLY hurts to lose this way.

Darrell simply honed his game so that he...

Never Lost!

Is Darrell some kind of superman? Nope. He spent his youth hitting a thousand golf balls a day, studying each and every shot until he understood how to drive for distance. And he discovered the secret to long, straight drives that go exactly where you want them to is actually incredibly easy and simple.

Back then, he was using an ancient persimmon-head MacGregor driver, and hitting those sloppy rubber-band wound, liquid core balata balls that were so uneven and so fragile they would slice open even with a perfectly-hit 3-wood. (Remember?) Even so, with his simple secret, Darrell was hitting true 350-yard drives!

Golf, he'd discovered, really is an easy game... once you know the REAL secrets.

He immediately became a professional golfer. Not a "tour" golfer... his marriage would have never withstood the separations being on the Tour required.

Instead, Darrell stayed close to home in California and took on all comers with the money to bet. You want to feel some pressure on the tee? Try having $1,400 on the line as you step up to drive a hole... playing against scratch golfers...

With Not A Nickel
In Your Pocket!

That's the kind of "must win" pressure Lee Trevino was talking about. And, that's confidence. Yet Darrell never sweated... because he had discovered the simple secret to driving far and straight, every time.

He knew how to win at golf, every time.

Up to now, Darrell has jealously guarded this awesome secret of his... sharing it only with friends, the occasional student he took a liking to, and his wife. (She's just 5'3", but hits her driver 270 yards off the tee!)

He likes to teach -- but he's too lazy to advertise his services (and never has). Nevertheless, word of mouth has him booked five years ahead. And people fly in from all over the world to this tiny farming town just to take a single lesson from him.

That's all you need, really. One lesson.

In fact... to "get" this amazing power-distance-and-accuracy driving secret yourself...

All You Need Is
3 Swings... Guaranteed!

And that's a real guarantee, too. The company that convinced Darrell to "go public" with his astonishing secret has a standing offer that guarantees your satisfaction... or you get to see it absolutely FREE!

It sounds crazy, but that's how these guys do business. They're famous worldwide for "blowing the lid" off the best secrets in golf with outrageous guarantees and free offers (and they've been doing it for over 10 years). The company's called OHP... and when they reveal golf secrets, thousands of golfers pay very close attention.

So what's the big deal about THIS secret? Well, for starters:

  • You don't need to be athletic like Tiger Woods. In fact, the MORE out-of-shape you are, the more distance you will immediately add to your drives!
  • You don't need any special equipment.
  • You don't need previous experience. (Beginners start hitting 250 just as quickly as guys who've played for years!)
  • And, best of don't need to spend any money. You can learn it free.

Absolutely everything you need to know to hit longer and straighter drives... is now at your fingertips, but Darrell Klassen doesn't stop there. Your new dominating and impressive distance should bring about lower scores. This inspired Darrell to compile a comprehensive step-by-step guide to "easy golf".

Instantly, you can now...

  • Strike fairway woods and long irons with pinpoint precision
  • Develop a short game more accurate than a GPS guided "smart" missile
  • Chip closer to the pin around the greens, AND...
  • Become a dead center cup "can't miss" putter that your friends will both admire and despise!

Darrell Klassen has put all the keys to making this happen in what is likely the most comprehensive "fast-track" secret to developing your golf game.

Here is a list of the amazingly simple golf instructional videos that Darrell has produced over the last few years. Each of these titles have been on OHP Directs' "best-sellers" list selling thousands of copies across the US and the world.

Perhaps you've seen these titles prominently displayed in industry publications like Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips and Golf Illustrated magazines.

This is the first time ever, they have been offered together in one complete package. This is big. These are the little-known secrets that can send your golf game zooming into the "pro-level" on your very next round -- with consistently straighter and longer drives... stunning short game skills that will leave your buddies shaking their heads in frustration... precision putting secrets that will instantly drop 10-20 strokes off your game overnight... and more.

It's never been this easy to finally master ALL the best parts of golf. And it's so simple.

Plus... like I said... you can see everything for FREE if you choose. (I'll explain in a second.)

Click on any of the 8 titles listed below to get more detail on the amazing instruction contained within each individual title.

Longer & Straighter with Darrell Klassen

Short Game Secrets of Pros

5 Easy Lessons for a Lifetime of Great Golf

Pro-Level Precision Putting

Cure Your Slice!

Long Irons

Fairway Woods

How To Break 90 Every Time

That's over 6 ½ half hours of instruction on virtually every aspect of the golf game.

Golf's little known secret weapon is hidden away in the small farming town in the Central Valley of California is revealing all of his lifelong gathered secrets in these amazing video packages... and doing it for less than it would cost you to stand in front of America's most heralded teachers for a single afternoon.  

Here's what it comes down to...

If you're as serious about golf as I am, you will fall in love with Darrell's custom designed video teaching packages instantly,.  With all the bull hockey and hand-wringing you see in the golf magazines and the golf television shows, it's no wonder most golfers are convinced that the game is SUPPOSED to be difficult.

Trouble's just not true. Darrell proves it every day, both in his own game, and by teaching others how to easily transform their game. Literally overnight! (He produces more low-handicap golfers each season out of his "hick" farming town than come out of LA and San Francisco combined!)

You've got kids, small women, and guys in their 70's all playing professional-level golf...

After Just One Lesson
With Darrell!

Like he says... golf is easy, once you know the REAL secrets.

Darrell has custom tailored 3 different packages based upon your level of commitment to playing great golf. You may just want to hit longer drives, or get rid of that nasty slice that has plagued you for too long... maybe you just want to eliminate your three putts and start one putting every green.

Whatever your desire is, one of Darrell's 3 different "learn-it-fast" and avoid serious frustration golf packages are ready to launch you into a lifetime of great golf.

Drives will soar... pitchs will stick...putts will drop... scores will plummet... and you'll immediately start having a lot more fun playing golf!

 The "Par" Package: 

If you're a bit skeptical in any way, start right here! The Par Package includes Darrell Klassen's best selling Hit it Longer & Straighter video package will have you hitting breathtakingly long drives with eyes for the fairway in a single day.

Your frustrations of playing from the weeds and trees will be over. You'll step up to every tee box and begin pointing to where you want to play your next shot. What's more, your friends will wonder what got into your driver. The "Par" Package is just $49. That's less than the cost of a round of golf at most courses. Yet for this nominal fee, you'll be on your way to pro-level driving confidence of any tee box.

 The "Birdie" Package

If you're ready to dive in to several concepts of golf, Darrell has constructed the Birdie Package to have maximum impact on your lowering your scores...literally overnight! The Birdie Package include Darrell Klassen's Hit It Longer & Straighter video, the Pro-Level Precision Putting video AND also the Short Game Secrets of the Pros video package as well.

This instructional video combination will get you off the tee box... waaaaayyyy down the fairway and then what Darrell refers to as the "Scoring Essentials" take over. Short game shots around the greens... sticking tight to the pin combined with confident putting is where golf scores drop faster than ever. It's the keys to the kingdom. This package specifically offers all three keys to lowering your scores and having a ton-of-fun on the golf course.

Purchased separately, this package would cost you in excess of $217.00. But we've packaged all three together for just $99.00. That's over $100 less than what everyone else is paying!

 The Eagle Package

This, never before offered, set includes all 8 of Darrell's videos listed above. Your game will instantly become infused with the skills of a seasoned professional. Golf courses look easy in the eyes of anyone armed with Darrell's complete set of all 8 "easy-to-learn-and-use-tomorrow" revelations at how he makes every shot, from anywhere on the course... simply EASY!

Darrell is always saying, "Golf is an easy game". This package will have you understanding why. Once again, purchased separately all 8 -- over 6 ½ of instruction -- would cost you in excess of $467.00. But Darrell has put all 8 videos together here for a mere $199. That's $268 less than what everyone else had to pay.

But wait. There's still more... If you purchase The Eagle Package today you get all these additional FREE "bonus" materials...yours to KEEP, no matter what.


"Instant Low Score" lessons video. That's right, yet another video  -- free -- a bonus video of Darrell's super-advanced "Instant Lower Scores" lesson.  Golfers pay $250 an hour to get this private teaching from Darrell on what to do after you launch a gorgeous drive.  This bonus video is yours to KEEP, no matter what you decide about everything else  -- a $49 value


One last thing that we're throwing in for FREE... I will also send you -- again completely free, yours to keep no matter what -- a hot new audio tape Darrell just made... that you can listen to in the car on your way to the course... that will magically slash 5 -to-9 strokes off your next round!  I'm not kidding.  These are sizzling pro-level "thinking" secrets that amateurs never discover... simple...mojo mind... tactics that (once you know them) can knock off a stroke a hole for most golfers!  Getting your physical skills together is only half the game.  Here's the "other" half, fixing what goes on in your head... and Darrell makes it so easy, you'll have tears in your eyes.  - a $29 value.

That's a lot of stuff to help take your game soaring to new heights.  NINE of Darrell's hottest selling videos... the lessons video... the audio tape... well over $500 worth of the world's best golf instruction for the bargain price of just $199.00

One last thing, if you order the "Eagle Pack" by I'll pay all the shipping*. This alone saves you almost $30 bucks. If you don't order now though, the shipping deal is off. Come back tomorrow and that will no longer be on the table.

We've never offered these mega-generous packages before. And, I seriously believe that this test-campaign on will be over soon... never to be repeated again. It's just too generous to last. We've made a special arrangement with Darrell and once the order quantity we've agreed to is met... well, this gig will be over, done, gone for good!

So don't miss out by delaying another minute. Order yours today! Each and every package listed above is 100% fully guaranteed so there's absolutely nothing to lose.

Listen: It's always astonishing to me to realize how FEW golfers ever discover the really simple ways to play great golf. Even the Tour professionals these days (who should know better) are always trying to reinvent the game... and you've seen the results. Their game is so fragile that they collapse with shocking regularity. (How many times this year have you seen guys blow 5 and 6 stroke leads in the final round?)

And it just doesn't have to be that way. Darrell has played under pressure that would kill the average golfer. And he's never lost. Even better, he's taught hundreds of other golfers the same simple secrets that he uses himself... with the same result.

I tell you...

Golf Is Just More Fun When
You Have The Simple Skills To Hit Great Golf Shots On The Tee, The Fairway & The Greens!

These video packages reveal Darrell's super-advanced "Instant Lower Scores" secrets. Golfers pay $250 an hour to get this private teaching from Darrell on what to do after you launch a gorgeous drive.

Result: Immediate mastery of fairway woods and mid and short irons, jaw-dropping control of pitches and chips, and the "finishing" secrets of getting up and down in fewer strokes on every hole. See why guys fly in from thousands of miles away -- even from Scotland --to learn the details of pro-level golf from this "secret weapon" expert hidden away in a small California farming town.

By ordering today, you'll see how top golfers rely on Darrell for the insider secrets to slashing scores and instantly playing golf at a higher level. Intense stuff.

So, are you ready to see what all the fuss is about?

Here's how to learn these golfing secrets: Just click on the package you want below and order right now... on-line. We can rush-ship your package to you  right away.

Prefer to order over the telephone, no problem.  Call this special toll-free number, 1-888-665-6961 Dept. ON-77, and tell whoever answers you want "Darrell's Par... Birdie...or Eagle package". (Remember, I'll pay the shipping on the Eagle package if you order right now.)

Or, if you prefer to pay by check or money order (payable to OHP), simply click on the link below and fill out the order form fields, print the form and mail or fax it to the address/number listed below. Your package will be rush-shipped to you by return mail... and you have the leisure of taking a full 90-days to watch and use everything.

OHP provides the most mega-generous 3-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction -- if, for any reason or for no reason at all, you decide you aren't satisfied with this product, simply return it within 3 months for a full, complete refund... no questions asked. You just can't find a more generous guarantee in all of golf.

In fact, if you are NOT playing better golf than you ever have in your life -- then I insist you return the material for a refund.

That's an outrageously fair offer, don't you think? It means you could get a completely free lesson... and unless you are absolutely convinced it's changed your game forever, you aren't out a penny... (You can positively trust OHP, too -- they're a high-profile company, run by Dr. Michael O'Leary, with a 10-year track record of treating customers fairly. I'm sure you've seen their ads in Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Illustrated, and Golf Tips magazine. These guys are straight shooters, the best in the business.)

Golfers who hear about these combination packages are jumping on the offer. It's unprecedented... and it took some major arm twisting to make happen. What's more, It's a great way to see one of golf's most amazing secrets without any risk whatsoever.

OHP's number, again, is...


Tell whoever answers you want Department ON-77 and then "Darrell's Par... Birdie...or Eagle package"

Til next time... for better golf,

Doc O'Leary
Head Golf Nut, OHP

P.S. Oh… and I’ll be emailing you more golf goodies. So keep your eyes peeled.

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"I've made it my mission in life to provide golfers -- especially high handicappers -- the BEST information they can get to quickly start hitting with more power, authority and confidence for gorgeous long drives!"
-Doc O'Leary    
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