The Bobby Schaeffer ULTIMATE POWER GOLF SWING Stretching Program is the result of many years of research into the biomechanics of golf. These stretches are based on the age-old practice of yoga and the best of modern sports therapy. Bobby Schaeffer has targeted the areas of the body that most effect the golf swing.

If these stretches are practiced on a regular basis, they will greatly enhance the golfer's endurance and performance on the golf course. Bobby Schaeffer's stretches will afford a range of motion and muscle resilience that will give your golf swing true power, control and distance. Along with the great techniques and secrets of Bobby Schaeffer's ULTIMATE POWER GOLF SWING video, the following stretches can make you a "Golfing machine" and the best golfer you can possibly be.

1). Shoulder Stretch

Benefits: More flexibility to the top and side of the shoulder.

  • Bring arm across chest and place opposite hand on the opposite shoulder.
  • Make a slow, gentle stretch.

2). Shoulder/Upper Back Stretch:

Benefits: Helps free up the neck and give an increased range of motion. Stretches the shoulder/back section into the shoulder blade. Affords a bigger, freer turn... leaving the head more stationary.

  • Raise arm over the head.
  • Flex at elbow placing the hand behind the shoulder.
  • Flex by placing opposite hand behind back and attempt to grasp hand from above.

2A). Shoulder/Upper Back Stretch (Option)

  • Same as above - Using a towel or belt in the hands. Use this if you are not as flexible.

3). Half Eagle Stretch

Benefits: Opens up the whole shoulder joint plus the area behind including the trapezius muscle.

  • Raise the arm to shoulder level and flex at the elbow.
  • Move the elbow across the front of the chest with the opposite arm cradling the elbow.
  • Place finger of hand into the palm of the opposite hand.

4). Neck Stretch

Benefits: Increased mobility and range of motion enhancing the swing at start and completion.

  • Place the hand on the opposite side of the head.
  • Laterally flex to the side. (slow and nothing forced)

4A). Modified Neck Stretch

  • Stretch with the head forward using both hands. (make it a gentle stretch)
  • *Important - Breathe the whole time. Hold breath and hold the tension. Release breath and release tension.

5). Head/Chest Drop Stretch

Benefits: Stretches both shoulder joints and gives flexibility to back of neck and the shoulders.

  • Place both hands forward on a wall or a golf cart.
  • Bend at the waist.
  • Let the chest drop toward the ground.

6). Triangle Stretch

Benefits: Excellent for full body mobility and suppleness.

  • Place feet approx. 4' apart.
  • With both legs straight, flex at the waist.
  • Place hand near the ankle, with the front foot pointing out straight.
  • The rear foot is turned out at a 45 degree angle with the heel of the front foot lined up with instep of the rear foot.
  • Open the hips up and let the shoulders roll open on the same plane while looking up hand in the air.

6A). Triangle Stretch Option

  • Place hand on the knee for an easier stretch.

7). Qaud Stretch

Benefits: Stretches the front portion of the thigh.

  • While lying on your back, position the top of the right foot on the floor.
  • The right knee stays on the floor at all times.

7A). Quad Stretch from the "Up" Position Instructions:
  • Start more upright and slowly lean back toward the floor.
  • Very slowly move down toward the elbows.
  • 8). Hamstring Stretch

    Benefits: A great leg muscle stretching exercise with no back strain.

    • Place the butt up against the wall or door jam.
    • Put the leg vertical and straight up the wall or door jam.
    • More Advanced - Flex the toes back toward your chin.

    9). Hip / Piriformis Stretch

    Benefits: Greatly enhances the ability to swing the club. If this area is tight, it will restrict hip turn.

    • Lay on the back and pull the knee of one leg to the chest.
    • The opposite leg crosses placing the heel/ankle on the knee.

    9A). Beginner Hip Stretch

    • Lay on the back and bend one knee off the floor.
    • Place the opposite ankle on the knee.
    • Push gently with the hand on the knee of the crossed leg.

    10). Down Dog Stretch

    Benefits: The best overall stretch. Gives mobility to back, arm, and leg muscles.

    • Get on the floor and put yourself on all fours.
    • Put your hands right below your shoulders and spread your fingers wide.
    • Push your hips high into the air and push into your hands.
    • Let your head relax and look back between your feet.

    10A). Easy Down Dog Stretch

    • Do the above steps and keep your knees bent. This will keep stress off the back.

    11). Cobra Stretch

    Benefits: Classic stretch for keeping the whole spinal area limber and flexible. Also flexes the quads and buttocks.

    • Lay flat on your stomach with tops of the feet flat on the ground and touching.
    • While lifting up with the lower back, keep the palms down on the floor.
    • Work the shoulders back toward the heels.
    • Do the stretch till the neck feels as "long" as possible.

    12). Spine Twist Stretch

    Benefits: Good overall stretch to increase mobility and range of motion. Frees up the spine, shoulders, hips and neck.

    • Lay on your back and put your heels up toward your buttocks (about 8" away).
    • Put one knee over the other knee in a crossed-over position.
    • Shift the hips over 3-4" with the right hand on the knee.
    • Let the knees drop to the ground to the right with head looking to the left.
    • Out stretch the left arm and always keep the left shoulder on the ground.

    13). Ball Stretch

    Benefits: Relieves tension and immobility in the lower back.

    • Lay on your back and pull the knees into the chest.
    • Put hands together around the knees and pull toward the chest.
    • Keep the neck flat on the ground for full benefit.
    • Make sure it feels good with no pain and you can feel the relief of tension. This can apply to all stretches presented here!

    14). Side Stretch

    Benefits: Helps develop a stronger pivot.

    • Spread the feet 4' apart with the front foot pointing straight and the rear foot at about a 45 degree angle.
    • Bend the front leg at the knee at a 90 degree angle.
    • Shoulders are rotated open on the same plane as the hips.
    • Extend the uppermost arm to complete a straight line with the extended leg.
    • Ideally the heel should remain on the ground.

    15). Kneeling Stretch

    Benefits: Allows the joints of the knees, ankles, feet and hips to open up allowing the spine to stay straight.

    • Suggestions: You can start out by using a pillow between the buttocks and legs.
    • Kneel on the toes, with the heels right under the buttocks.

    16). Trunk Stretch

    Benefits: Opens up the hips up into the shoulders and down into the hamstrings. Gives the whole body more turning speed.

    • Place the feet about 4' apart with the toes pointed slightly inward to protect the knees.
    • Place the right hand on the floor with the arm straight and the fingers spread.
    • Rotate the shoulders open and extend the left arm toward the ceiling.
    • Turn the head and look upward toward the right thumb.
    • Switch to the left side and repeat.
    • *Beginners may keep knees slightly bent or put the bottom hand on an elevated block.

    17). Integrate

    Benefits: Gives the body a chance to assimilate the stretches you have done.

    • Lay on the back with the legs spread out.
    • Let the feet relax and fall to the side.
    • Focus on the breath and "let go" of any stress.

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