Getting More Power From Your Swing

How to "Double Up"

Most people would not consider golf to require an extreme amount of athletic ability. Let's face it, the game can be played well by even the most seemingly out-of-shape players.

But there is a consistent factor with all great ball strikers -- they are all able to generate a tremendous amount of power from their lower body combined with an incredible sense of balance. It's not something you're born with -- it's developed. This is why gaining even a small degree of lower body strength and balance can add dozens of yards to your drives.

And that's what led Bobby Schaeffer and world-class physical trainer and strength coach Leo Costa to develop the following exercises. Don't worry, you're not going to be feeling the burn. These simple moves were only designed to add strength and balance in areas specifically needed for great golf.

They're not difficult. In fact, if you perform these simple and easy exercises just three times a week for 15 minutes (a few minutes per exercise) you will notice a dramatic increase in the amount of raw power you'll be able to generate from your lower body. You'll be hitting drives longer than ever! The purpose of these 7 exercises is to give you the maximum power, endurance and balance you'll need specifically for golf without suffering through some tedious gym workout. Remember, take it easy. These are NOT meant to exhaust you. Of course, as with any exercise program, before you start make sure you consult your physician.

  • Power Lunge (5-steps and back)
    Pretend your on a balance bar that's about 5-yards long. Locking hands behind your head, bring one knee up high then step far forward, touching the opposite knee to ground. Keep upper body straight. After 10-yards turn around and power lunge back to your starting point. Do this slowly to gain confidence in your balance.

  • Power Lunge with Twist (5-Steps and back) Just as it sounds. Do your power lunge exactly as above, but, at the point where your knee nearly touches the ground, twist your upper body right then left. This will gently warm up and gradually strengthen your lower back -- important to any golfer.

  • Russian March (5-Steps and back)
    Act just like your marching forward, but kick your right leg up toward your left hand, then your left leg up toward your right hand, and on. This stretches hamstrings and lower back and helps your balance. Keep your body erect since there is a tendency to want to lean forward.

  • Over the Fence (5-Steps and back)
    This warms up hip flexers and groin muscles. With hands behind your head, act like your stepping sideways up and over a fence. Then, like your going under a fence, crouch and swing upper body under.

  • Power Lunge with Squat (stationary)
    Do this in a stationary position. Power lunge forward (as you did in #1), and perform 5 squats from the forward lunge position. Switch legs and do this again. Perform 4 of these power lunges and with each lunge do 5 squats.

  • Under the Fence (5-Steps and back)
    This also warms up hip flexers and groin muscles. With hands in front of you, squat down and go under an imaginary fence. To add a twist, do the "Under the Fence" exercise, add 5 up-and-down squats every time you go "under" the fence. Remember, these exercises aren't supposed to be strenuous, so if you're feeling at all tired -- don't do the squats.

  • Mountain Climber (stationary)
    Hold onto rail or edge of desk with one leg forward and one back, then jump up and quickly switch the position of your legs. Do this 5 times, then step back and do 5 squats. Perform this routine 2 times.

Much of your development will be in your balance. Being able to maintain good balance while using as much power as you can is the key to many sports, especially golf. When this exercise routine becomes too simple for you, try adding more repetitions or even some dumbell weights. It won't be long before your balance, endurance, and especially your power level is dramatically increased. Good luck!

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