Who is Dr. O'Leary & Why Is He Giving Away All This Cool Golf Stuff For FREE?

Back in 1993 retiring early from health care allowed me to pursue my passion in life as a self diagnosed golfing fanatic. Golf is my passion.

Mystery: With so many sources available to receive golf instruction (i.e. club pro's, magazines, dedicated TV channels, the internet)… it's amazing to me how poorly most people played golf. It's a tragedy really.

My extensive interviews revealed that people are "dazed and confused" not knowing who or what to believe!

I set out to solve that problem. Thus began my journey.

Traveling the globe for 13 years I've searched to discover the absolute best-of-the-best golf instructors. My experience revealed quickly that a good player does NOT guarantee a good teacher.

Effective teaching of golf requires wisdom from the instructor.

Wisdom is needed beyond golf mechanics or course management. You have to understand how people… like you and I… learn skills.

Today our stable of golf instructors here at OHP Direct represents the equivalent of a Jedi Council of golf instruction.

"I've made it my mission in life to provide golfers -- especially high handicappers -- the BEST information they can get to quickly start hitting with more power, authority and confidence for gorgeous long drives!"
-Doc O'Leary    
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